SW: 164 

CW: 159.6

weighed in today feeling good. Also did three miles of running to pump up my june goals:

  • lose 4% in 4 weeks a la diet bet
  • finish the #summersplits14 challenge
  • work on being able to pike up into headstand
  • run 5 miles (preferably in 50 minutes)

BOOM feeling good! can’t wait to check in on those goals at the end of the month.

Food diary 5/28 ate really well today and did 20 minutes of plyo!

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Slow progress, but progress.

great job!


A little Fitspiration for your @Healthhabits - May 27, 2014 at 10:48AM http://ift.tt/1jX1K89


Workout songs we love: 

"Beating Heart" - Ellie Goulding (Vindata Remix)

good food day! 

CW: 162

LOL dorm living on fancy paper plates

Went a little over, but food diary for 5/21

Down 1.4 this week!

woo hoo! 

also took my before pictures (bleh) 

feeling super motivated to eat well this week. going for some multigrain cheerios and skim. 

Breakfast and lunch.

New myfitnesspal

My friend C and I are holding each other accountable. So I’ll be posting my good diary later today!

Get your water in. Chug a glass now!

Current weight: 163 

Let’s do this.

Anonymous asked:
Ok so im talking to this guy and we had a 3 and half hour phone call lastnight till 4 in the morning! I told him i liked him but he has a girlfriend and idk what to do bc hes coming into the city next weekend! But anyways i really want to makeout with him and so does he!

omg juicy boy details are probably my favorite thing to hear! I’m seriously such a mush in love (KT u out there bb? <3) 

BUT all hormonal excitement aside, I have to play Realist Rachel—I would air on the side of caution with this one. Look, relationships aren’t cake. Me and the boyf put a lot of effort into having the relationship that we do. For how much fun we have together, and how beautiful of a companionship we have, It isn’t always easy. 

To hear that the boy in question is into being more open about his feelings for you (both physically and emotionally) could mean that his current relationship is in a rough patch/coming to a close. But the fact still remains that he’s got a girlfriend that doesn’t deserve the emotional turmoil, betrayal, or future trust issues that stem from a cheating significant other. And I for SURE wouldn’t want you to be the catalyst for a breakup. The thought of there being “another woman” as a girl in a relationship is earth-shatteringly heartbreaking to me. 

So…where does that leave you? I would let him know where you stand emotionally with the situation if he continues his advances. Make it clear that you need any official monogamous ties to be over before committing to anything more intimate. I love a good boy story, but make sure you’re only playing games in bed, not with other people’s heads, okay? 

Good luck in this crazy dating world! Let me know about other boy stuff! 



no TMIs, you guys are no fun.